Thursday, May 3, 2012

Granny Shrug

Hello Friends...yes, it's been awhile.  Life gets busy, kids get sick, other priorities take precedent over the fun and creative side of life.  So, here I am, back with some fun stuff...

Some of you may be familiar with the famous 'Granny Shrug' by Kirsty.  It seemed wherever I was on the Internet, Ravelry, Pinterest, Flickr, this adorable shrug was staring at me on my computer screen, begging to be hooked up:

For my rendition, I used Bernat Harmony, which is a nice bulky, soft acrylic yarn, with a size 8mm hook.  This was yarn I had in my stash already, so it was nice to find a project for it.  I think it turned out pretty great! 

Give it a try...detailed instructions can be found on her beautiful blog, kootoyoo.  It really couldn't be more easy...


  1. Love your shrug!!! It turned out realy nice!! May have to copy it one day...


    1. Thanks's really so simple to make! Do visit kootoyoo's blog...there's very detailed instructions there.

  2. Can I make this cardi using the solid hex granny?